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Social Media Marketing and PR Training Urges Business Owners to BE MEDIA


The above picture included myself and attendees and at my "New Media Marketing and P.R. Made Simple and Affordable" seminar. It was three hours high impact, low budget strategies that taught businesses how to use social media, news releases, blogs, online audio and video to wage a successful campaign.

Here's the situation. In the media, there is a marketing and PR war being waged by your competition for the hearts and minds of consumers in the media. We’ve been trying to compete with large corporations by either PAYING for expensive ads or BEGGING reporters to give us some ink or air time.

Overall, we lose time and money and the only thing we gain is frustration. During this seminar, we discussed how to harness the power of the internet to win.

If attendees remembered one thing from the session today, I hope they remember this. The internet is the great equalizer and the new rules of marketing and P.R. has completely changed the game in our favor.

We shared information on how to be the media by using social media, blogs, news releases, audio and video clips to wage successful marketing and P.R. campaigns.

It's quite simple. Yesterday, we had to use the media to get our message out, but today, we must be the media to get our message out.

We had some amazing people in the room. A physician, a two time Grammy winner, two authors, career coach, website (blog) designer, entrepreneur coach, spoken word artist and entrepreneur and me. :-)


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