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What Are They Smoking? Big Tobacco, Justice Department Snub Black Media

by Toure Muhammad

Big Tobacco Refuses to Inform Black Community Via Black Media About Dangers of Smoking

Since the antebellum south, the tobacco industry has been bad news for the Black community. First, as slaves (captured Africans) we used to pick it, then we later became a slave to smoking it, in large part due to an aggressive, false and mesmerizing advertisement campaign.

After lengthy court battles, the tobacco industry agreed to buy millions of dollars of ad space to run campaigns admitting they lied about the dangers of smoking, but apparently, when making the agreement and showing an ad buy plan with the Justice Department, they failed to include any ad buys with Black media and this has Black media fuming. 

"We are shocked and deeply disappointed that the Justice Department, the Tobacco-Free Action Fund and the tobacco industry would all agree to sign off an advertising plan that totally disrespects the Black community," said Cloves C. Campbell, chairman of the NNPA, a federation of nearly 200 Black newspapers, according to a report from Target Market News. 

"The industry's past efforts to target African-American consumers have been thoroughly documented. It is sad that an industry that sought to exploit our community with a product that is harmful to our health now seeks to further devalue African-Americans by ignoring the Black media when it is being forced to atone what a federal judge determined was a deliberate effort to deceive the American public."

Despite research that showed tobacco companies targeted African-Americans --especially young blacks -- with promotions and ad campaigns placed with black magazines, newspapers, websites and radio stations, the proposal given to the court does not mandate that the "corrective statements" ads be placed with any black media outlets, said Target Market News.

Click here to read article from Target Market News

Carl West presents Speak The TRUTH Online T.V. Show

Speak The Truth with Carl West and his guest Attorney Andre Grant.

Contributing Correspondent: CDW

Good morning on this wonderful Saturday. As you're reading these Works of Words, I'm hard at work in the T.V. studio recording five shows that will appear this week in TBTNews, as part of the online media company I'm building throughMG Media.

I've partnered with Rev. Leon Finney, as he's invested his money and energy to erect a full-fledge television, radio and music production house in the heart of Bronzeville. And his effort and commitment has been nothing short of remarkable. We welcome anyone who wants to visit the refurbished house on 41st and King Drive to see the craftsmanship and long planning put into bringing his vision and the vision of others to life.

Speak The TRUTH with Carl West will be a daily interview show, using the exact format as one of my favorite talk shows on PBS, Charlie Rose. The show will flow with the professionalism of Bryant Gumbel, and content similar to CBS's Sunday Morning. By combining these three elements, I'm certain that Speak The TRUTH will soon be must see mobile T.V.

And I'm exciting to have five dynamic young brothers I selected to help me launch this new online media outlet. First, my very good friend and attorney, Andre M. Grant will discuss the role of Black lawyers and their commitment to their communities. Then the youngest State Representative in Springfield, Illinois, representing the 26th District,Christian Mitchell will highlight his first year as an elected official and what's been his biggest surprises. Also my good pal and corporate powerhouse, Emmett Vaughn from ComEd/Exelon will discuss leadership and what good community and corporate partnerships look like. Rounding out the week, will first be my pastor, Alvin Richards, who'll help guide me through another journey filled with Faith. And in conclusion, co-founder of NGLC, lobbyist and political guru, Maze Jackson will outline his vision for Chicago and how politics continue to play a major role in his career aspirations.

This daily talk show will feature amazingly powerful guests, as well as emerging leaders. This show will lead up to the 1,000 edition of TBTNews, the online news and information media outlet that has delivered relevant content to its tens of thousands of readers the last three years. And its expected that those same readers will click on to watchSpeak The TRUTH, as the community rise up and progress through positive and powerful images profiling the best and brightest.